About Me

I have several years of realty experience in the Washington Metropolitan Area and have been a licensed realtor since 2006.

After graduating with my Bachelor’s degree in 2001, I started my career in the financial services industry as a Certified Credit Counselor. From credit counseling, I moved into banking where in addition to providing traditional retail banking products, investments, and insurance services, I also got first-hand experience processing loans, lines, and mortgages. I then forged into the real estate field where I started off as a Certified Home Inspector and then moved on through several sectors of the real estate market such as buying, selling, leasing, investing and property management.

I use my years of varied experience and direct in-depth knowledge of the Real Estate and Financial Markets to help serve as my clients’ best advocate and representative when it comes to their real estate needs. My holistic approach to real estate helps look at each transaction from a broad scope that begins with the fiscal wholeness, wellness and readiness of each client and moves us collectively through the realty process till we come to the other end of the spectrum where the client has not only received the real estate solution needed but has also been able to come through the whole process being better educated and knowing they’ve been treated with the highest level of courtesy, respect, integrity, and transparency.

My faith plays a large role in how I conduct myself both in my personal life and in business. I believe in treating my clients how I would like to be treated and working with the full knowledge that my service and conduct is not just reflective of my profession as a realtor but also of the One whom I serve and represent - Christ.

In addition to my real estate practice, I also own and manage a very profitable commercial enterprise in the early childhood education field whose success helps me serve my clients’ unreservedly with financial consideration being the least motivator for the realty services and solutions I provide. This also helps me in being active in my church, community and most importantly in my home. Thus the reason for my limiting all realty transactions to standard business hours except of course in extenuating circumstances. 

When I'm not working or serving in Ministry, I'm home in Colesville with my lovely wife of 12 years and our 4 wonderful children.